Monday, 21 January 2013

Interview with... myself

Ok, since no-one knows who I am, I decided to conduct an interview between myself, and my 'other self', Evil Steve. Here's how it went.

Evil Steve: All right ladies and gentleman, today we have a very special guest, up and coming young 'author', S.J. Magill.

S.J. Magill: Who are you talking to?

ES: My audience.

SJ: There's no audience.

ES: Do you want an interview or not?

SJ: Yes please.

ES: Then shut up!

SJ: sigh

ES: All right, here's our first question: do you like dinosaurs?

SJ: What does that have to do with my work?

ES: Oh, so you only want to talk about your work, do you? Jesus, it's like Woody Harrelson all over again...

SJ: Sorry. Yes, I like dinosaurs.

ES: Uh huh. And what did you think of the movie 'Rampart'?

SJ: I never saw it.

ES: Good man. So tell me about your book 'The Head Vampire'. For those of you in the audience who don't know: a 'vampire' is essentially a human who drinks the blood of other humans to survive. It's really commendable of you, S.J., to write about such a unique subject. I don't think I've ever read a book about vampires before.

SJ: I like vampires, and I wanted to write about them in the context of the world where all my stories take place, Terra.

ES: You know, someone else tried to do their own take on vampires. Her name is Stephanie Meyer. What can you tell me about her.

SJ: I've never met her, but I understand she's done very well for herself.

ES: And do the vampires in your book sparkle?

SJ: No, they do not.

ES: So tell me about 'Terra'

SJ: It's the world where all of my stories take place. It's a bit like Earth, but one of the major sources of energy is magical energy. It's a somewhat unpredictable energy source. The beings on Terra have evolved over a long time in the presence of magical energy, and a natural evolution process has caused some of the races to evolve with supernatural powers. There also exists the phenomenon of 'randomly occurring supernaturalism', where a person whose parents were just normal folk, will be born with special powers.

ES: Sounds thrilling. Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses.

SJ: I'm leaving.

Part 2 Coming soon...

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