Monday, 21 January 2013

Interview with myself, Part Two

Evil Steve: All right everyone we're back with everyone's favourite author that no-one has ever heard of, S.J. Magill.

S.J. Magill: I didn't even want to come back...

ES: Hush now, I have more questions. So you currently have three short stories, and two novellas. Is there something wrong with writing a full-length novel?

SJ: Not at all, I have one ready to go, but I thought I should work up some hype before releasing my full-length work.

ES: Well, considering you're interviewing yourself, I think we can all tell how that's going.

SJ: Fair enough. Next question, please.

ES: Which is your favourite colour of Skittle?

SJ: Yellow.

ES: ... I don't think you fully understood the question.

SJ: ... Orange?

ES: Well done.  So, your first novella was Love and Lycanthrope. Wouldn't you say that alliterative titles are a bit 1800's?

SJ: Not at all.

ES: What was your inspiration to write a romance novel? Is it because you're a bit girly?

SJ: I wouldn't call it a 'romance novel'

ES: I would.

SJ: Well you're wrong. It's a romantic comedy with werewolves. The setting is a village high in the mountains. It was inspired by the game Skyrim, which I was playing at the time.

ES: Werewolves and a snowy-setting? Sounds like you were asking to be sued.

SJ: Those are about the only similarities.

ES: That's probably true. Skyrim wasn't a sissy romcom.

SJ: It's not 'sissy'.

ES: If you say so. So what about this latest one: The Battlemage. It's a bit different for you.

SJ: What do you mean?

ES: Well, the other ones had jokes, and funny bits. This one is downright creepy.

SJ: Well that was the idea.

ES: Oh thank god, I thought you had taken a blow to the head or something and you thought you were being funny, but just weren't.

SJ: No no, this one was meant to be a horror.

ES: So what are you working on now?

SJ: I've finished the first draft of my third novella, Licking Walls in the Dark. It's about a dwarf who was born and raised in a mine. He uses his sense of taste to seek out deposits of valuable metals in the mines. That's where the title came from.

ES: Gosh, that sounds thrilling, and I'd love to hear more about it, but we're all out of time. Thanks for stopping by. And to my audience: next week we'll see if we can get someone whose work you might have actually read. Goodbye for now.

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