Sunday, 4 October 2015

Stuff I'm Doing

Look at me, posting more than once a quarter. How serious about being a writer am I?!

So, here's what's been going on:

1. Worm Short Story Series

The Demon Attorney

Worm has set up a small law practice in a shack. His normal clientele are the local scum and his fees are paid by the city's Legal Aid Trust. However, an extremely high-brow client comes through his door and Worm finds himself dusting off his private-rate cost list.

I've emailed this first part to a few magazines, but can't remember which ones... bugger.

The second part sees Worm's posh client interviewed by a pair of, less than competent, but intimidating all the same, detectives. The pressure causes the client to do something he will live to regret.

The third part is a work in progress, and will probably be the bulk of the story.

2. Standalone Worm Short Story

A wizard professor from the University of Magical Studies studying a primitive civilisation finds himself in trouble with the University's disciplinary tribunal after using his magical abilities to trick the civilization into believing that he is a God, and letting them treat him as such. His union pays for a lawyer to guide him through the tribunal process. Guess who he gets...

3. Sci Fi Short Story

A change of scenery entirely. The Hercules is an ark-type spacecraft leaving Earth with the best and brightest of humanity. The only problem is not a single one of them knows how to cook a meal  on a stove or operate an iron. Thousands of support staff are required, and one of them is a small-time criminal lawyer, who finds it difficult to relate to the ultra-intelligent scientists who feel that the spaceship is rightfully theirs.

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