Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bi-Annual check in

Well, it's been a while. Thankfully, I'm not a famous author, so no-one has noticed. Phew that could have been embarrassing.

Although, according to the views tracker thing I've had a few page views in the last month which originated from a dirty site called Ourmeets.com. Dafuq?

Why am I getting traffic from a site for people trying to get shagged?

I went onto the site and there appears to be a 'chat with our ladies' thing. This just raises more questions. Is my blog a source of chat for people trying to organise hookups?

"Hey, you read SJ Magill's latest blog post?"

"I sure have, you looking forward to reading the Werechicken? I am."

"Yeah, me too. Wanna meet up and fuck?"

If that's the case, I'm thrilled to be a part of such an arrangement.

Anyway, moving on from that sort of thing. I am still redrafting the Werechicken. I know it's taking forever, but I haven't JUST been super OCD redrafting for the past 8 months. I got bored of the whole redrafting thing and started work on the sequels. Plus my job leaves me drained a lot of the time, so when work is busy, writing is slow.

The sequels, The Vampire Horse and Technically a Dragon, are being written in tandem. It's a lot of fun writing them, but I really want to get The Werechicken out there. So, I've finally gotten back to the redrafting. It's going well! I'm happy with the majority of what I've written, and I think it's almost at the point where it's a product that I could sell to people. So look out for that.

Anyway, I'm exhausted. It's bed time :-)



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