Monday, 21 September 2015

Back in the Game

Alright god dammit, I'm once again back to blogging and back to this idea of being a serious writer.

For any of you (mum) who have been paying close enough attention to my blog to notice that bugger all has been happening here in the past 5 months, let me fill you in.

I've written a new novel with the catchy as fuck title "Worm: Demon Attorney at Law". Two existing Worm stories are available over here >>> and one of them is even free! I'm not gonna tell you which one though, and if you happen to click on the wrong one you still have to buy it (rules are rules, although it does seem kinda obvious from the captions...)

I've also been writing more short stories. The short storying is a means to an end. I'm trying to make myself more marketable. That doesn't mean I'm going completely teenage vampire on y'all, it just means that I'll be focusing on doing some short stories for a while as a way of creating some interest in myself and my writing. Some will be free, some will be submitted to magazines, and some might be paid.

So how long will I be doing that for? God knows. I reckon Worm: Demon Attorney at Law is pretty good and I want to give it the best chance of success. I've done all the writing and revising, and I'm saving my pennies to employ a professional editor to make sure the work is as polished as it can be. However, we all know that aint enough. Like millions of young job seekers entering the market and finding out that they can't get a job because they don't have experience, but can't get experience because they don't have a job, unpublished writers like me can't get a publishing deal because I haven't yet been published. 

Sucks, huh?

The traditional way around this problem for writers is to write short fiction, and use that as a platform from which to launch a novel. It's not the only way to do it, but it seems to be the most efficient way. After all, an agent or publisher is more likely to snap up Worm: Demon Attorney at Law, if they laughed their ass off reading a Worm short story in a well respected magazine.

In other, quite frankly earth-shattering, news: I've delved into the world of science fiction. Dammit fantasy fans, put down your Glamdring replicas! I'm still a fantasy man, but sci-fi has always been a love of mine. 

I will probably regret saying this, but I reckon that most of my work for the forseeable future is going to have a legal slant to it. It's what I do for a living, and I have thousands of stories that can be adapted into my fiction writing. That doesn't mean I'll be doing any John Grisham style thrillers anytime soon though. Whether it's sci-fi, fantasy (or god forbid, plain Jane fiction) my stories will always be filled with humour. Ever since I read Hitchhiker's Guide as a young man (finishing all five books in a week) I've loved comedy writing, and that's all I've ever wanted to write.

As always, if anyone has any nice comments to leave, there's plenty space below.



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