Tuesday, 6 December 2011

First Post/ Hi

OK, so I thought that since I'm going to be publishing some stuff soon, people might want a place where they can come to find out more about me, see what I'm doing, and see what I look like, without going to all the trouble of sitting in the trees across from my house (which you're all totally free to do by the way).

So I've finished my first novel, The Werechicken, and I've sent it off to an agent to see if they want to take me on as a new client. Haven't heard back from them. I have a list of other agents/ publishers that I will send it to if it doesn't get accepted by this first one. It's only a short list, and I wouldn't be too gutted about not getting any positive responses, because I'm quite keen to try self-publishing through Amazon.com.

That moves us nicely into what else I'm up to: I'm writing a series of short stories, based in the same universe as The Werechicken, but which expand on the universe a bit. The most complete one (which I'm supposed to be working on right now, instead of creating a blog) is called The Head Vampire (working title). I've finished the first draft, and it's about 8,400 words long. I'm planning to have that one up on the Amazon e-bookshop by the weekend - I still have to come up with a cover though. So quite excited about that.

As for this blog: I intend to use it as a space for talking about my books/short stories, and also filling in some gaps that might cause a little confusion until The Werechicken is released. I write a lot about the world that the characters find themselves in, but don't mention too much in the short stories. The reason for this is that I can do a bit of info-dumping in a 105,000 word novel, that I might not be able to get away with in a <10,000 word short story.

So that's the grand plan all. If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're my mother/girlfriend/sister/Jonny/Graham, but if you're not: feel free to say hello, and I'll say it back, and it will be just like we're real-life friends :-)

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